Saturday, June 18, 2016

Singles Only

It's been a while since I've done a Singles Only post,mostly because I haven't had any new singles to write about.With the Mets struggling as of late I've fallen into a baseball funk.I usually disassociate myself from anything baseball related when the Mets are scuffling ,not because I'm not a true fan,but because I value my health.I'm such a fan that losses affect me In the worst way.There's a term for that I think  ..oh yeah ... sore looser.So to avoid sleep loss and any and all hypersensitive neurotic behavior I turn to family,toys and video games .I'm especially bummed about Conforts. Man,this guy all but carried the team for about a month and a half  ,but seems to be coming back down to earth these last couple of weeks. It didn't stop me from picking up this  2016 Archives '91 Topps beauty!Please Conforto,catch fire again some time this season. 

I've wanted a Springer rc for a while now.He's got a nice blend of speed and pop and plays the game with intensity.

Remember these Ultra Pro cards?These were cool back in the day because they were all hologrammed out and were limited edition!These cards offered a more intimate look at our baseball heroes depicting them in their civvies ,sometimes holding sporting equipment relevant to some of their off season hobbies.Canseco wasn't much of a golfer and picturing him holding a bag of roids would have been a little straight forward,so they opted to have him hold his baseball bat. Although the back of the card could be Canseco at a clinic. Ya gotta love Jose ;)

Remember all those Fleer subsets of the 80's and 90's? League Leaders,Soaring Stars,Award Winners are  just a few.This ones an 87 Hottest Stars Canseco. 

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