Saturday, June 25, 2016

Heeee's Baaaack!

It's going to get a little bit strange In Citi Field as fans will think they have stepped into a time machine and traveled back to 2,005 when they begin to hear chants of "Jose,Jose,Jose,Jose" again.Earlier today the Mets inked Jose Reyes to a minor league deal ,bringing back what might be arguably the most exciting player In Mets history.I'm not sure how he'll factor Into what I feel Is an already solid infield.I'm hearing that he'll be used as a super sub.who knows what tricks Collins has up his sleeve.It's not a young Reyes that'll be suiting up and hitting the field when the Mets decide to call him up ,but It's Reyes nonetheless.Decent speed,quick bat from both sides of the plate and over the top excitement for the game Is what he'll bring back to Citi Field.

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