Friday, June 10, 2016

What Goes Around,Comes Around

I purchased this card from a seller on eBay towards the beginning of April.Noah was In full swing around that time and I really wanted his first Bowman card.After about a week and a half of waiting for the card to arrive ,I dropped the seller a message stating that the Noah card  went MIA.The seller was cool about It and refunded the whopping $2.50 I had payed for the card, back into my Paypal account.Damn,I would have much rather have the card instead :( Well,yesterday ,while checking the mail for some vintage  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures I'd been expecting,I find a pwe with my name on It.There was obviously a card inside.I thought "nah,this couldn't be".I hadn't ordered any cards recently.Then I thought "yeah,It has to be!" .Realizing that I had reached my daily -thinking to myself -quota ,I proceeded to open the envelope.Yes!The case of the missing Noah Syndergaard card Is finally solved and sealed,almost 2 months later!I quickly jumped on eBay to let the seller know about It and he got a kick out of It.I also placed the 2.50 back into his Paypal account.All's well that ends well.


  1. Noah: before the flowing golden mane!

    Nice card to own right there!

  2. He's got the military crew cut right there .