Thursday, June 2, 2016

Good For Kinsler!(or how I like to pronounce It,Kinzla!)

I feel like we should be hearing more about him. I've always liked him ,since Texas.He never drove In 100 runs in a season but that's not what you ask for from a second baseman.He was a 20/20 guy In 2007 and 30/30 twice In 2009 and 2011.His season averages look like this- 30.4 Doubles/17.7 HR's/66.6 RBI/.277 AVG/.344 OBP.While he never won any Gold Gloves ,he wasn't a horrible fielder at all.He's no Ryne Sandberg ,and barring a lights out next couple of years,he's not headed to the HOF.Still and all he's a nice little player and is having a solid season.So,good for Kinzla!

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