Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Can Stash!

I've decided to just snap pics of my Canseco's without pulling them out of the protective sheets.It's less  of a pain in the ass that way.BTW- Anybody here think Canseco will ever make It back into MLB  as a coach,commentator ,etc.  ?It seems like they're slowly letting the steroid guys back in.


  1. Canseco is too much of a loose cannon - maybe if he had a more 'vanilla' personality and wasn't a snitch [whether or not you consider spilling the beans on roids ultimately right or wrong], he'd be back in the game in some capacity.

  2. I'm hoping the finger shooting incident puts everything in perspective for him.He loves the game of baseball and If your gonna let Pete Rose announce games then at least give J.C. a chance.