Friday, January 1, 2016

I Think I'm A Bills Fan

I was never a huge fan of a football team.I could appreciate a good team,but I never clung onto any of them .I'm from upstate ,NY, so naturally I lived and still live among chattering and lamenting Bills fans.I saw Scott Norwood miss the infamous field goal and the Titans miracle play In the 4th quarter of the playoffs In 2000.I wasn't a Bills fan then,but It angered me whenever they lost,especially In key games.It's happening again. I've found myself  getting mad every time the Bills lose.Over the years and more so this year,I've developed a soft spot for them.They've got a nice bunch of young players but still suffer from the lack of a real QB.They can run the crap out of the ball but apparently there Is a no fly zone In effect as far as their passing game goes.Needless to say,I've declared myself a Bills fan .I'm no die hard,but I think that fire Is starting grow.This year has pretty much come to an end but I like what I've seen from rookie back Karlos Williams and I'm pulling for Watkins to get  1,000 yards receiving for the season.


  1. I really enjoyed watching them during those glory years of the early-mid 90s. What a great group of players they had back then!

  2. A pro bowler at almost every position.

  3. Long live the Bills! Did you see the Four Falls of Buffalo documentary on ESPN? Man, that was tough to relive.