Saturday, January 9, 2016

Singles Only (Hey Yo Bo Knows This,And Bo Knows That....)

I had a ton of 1988 and 1989  Topps Football cards growing up,and one of my favorite cards  was this Bo Jackson.I always thought this was his rookie card back then,never knowing he had an 88 Topps Super Rookie.It's nice to be able to hop online and cherry pick iconic cards from my childhood ,especially when most are dirt cheap.Granted ,It's not the same as the instant gratification of finding that childhood favorite in the display case of a card shop and being able to bring It home with you that same day.Unfortunately I don't get out to those shops anymore,so in the end,It's eBay that fuels these "Singles Only" posts.While It's Jackson's RC that I really want,this one has more  significance.The ball tucked nicely In his right arm,left arm about to come down and secure It and a "I'm not gonna find an opening,I'm just gonna run right through you.." look  on Jackson's  face   make this card a Fav 9 contender.

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