Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I'll Buy That For A Dollar!

Do you have kids,specifically In the 7 to 9 year old age  range?If yes,then you've probably traversed your local strip mall at least twice a week  to hit up his/her favorite store ever,  Dollar Tree.Junior Griffey and Matt from Bob Walk The Plank will soon  be attesting to this.The other day my daughter and I stopped In our local Dollar Tree for some last minute movie snacks.Dollar Tree Is the  dollar snack mecca ,with everything from big bags of chips down to knock off  ,over sized candy bars.Everything a toothache could ever ask for. After raiding the candy aisle,It was off to the check out line.A small,wooden baseball game caught my daughters attention and she quickly gave me the old yank on the coat sleeve ,accompanied by the  obligatory "Look , Dad!".I was more excited about her excitement towards a game related to baseball,then I was about the game itself.I shrugged It off and followed up her obligatory "Look,Dad!" with an  obligatory " Maybe next time".The next day,while running some solo errands ,I decided to pick up the game and surprise her with It .She played her first season of Little League Softball last year  and thoroughly enjoyed watching the Mets in the World Series.Those two things combined with the fact that her eyes lit up after spotting a dinky  $1 ,wooden baseball game tell me that I may be witnessing the beginning stages of  a die hard.Needless to say she lost It when I showed her the game ,and told her we'd play only after she completed her homework.

The game Is pretty straight forward.Not complicated at all.Roll the dice,and follow the directions of the corresponding number. It's all about luck.I drew up a couple of makeshift scoreboards  and we were able to get two games In before bed time.At one point  I rolled so many 7's ,I was beginning to think my daughter had Nolan Ryan on the mound.The games go by pretty quick and for a dollar,I couldn't think of a better way to spend time with your kid and/or significant other. I'm thinking about making some scorecard  copies  to factor In real players and keep better track of things.My daughter hit a bunch of triples and  It would have been cool to put a name and face  to those in game accomplishments. Seeing how much she liked the game makes me want to pick up the old Cadaco board games.I used to have a ball playing my 1989 version as a kid. Below are the results of the first game.or should I say bludgeoning.