Thursday, February 4, 2016

Singles Only

Sorry about the lack of activity at the Pub.I've been spending way too much time playing with action figures over on my other blog Toy Break. Transformers Mashers can be very distracting :) Anyways,funny thing happened after I won this two card Bills lot for 3 bucks shipped on eBay. I never received them! The seller was extremely cool about It and gave me a full refund.Well,17 days later and the cards arrived,lol!I felt bad and messaged the seller and told him I could ship the cards back or re-purchase  them.He opted for the latter and everything worked out In the end.Plus,I used to have this Reed as a kid so I wasn't about to ship that puppy back.Both cards came In great condition and I'm glad to be able to add them to my small but growing Buffalo Bills collection.


  1. Another good looking Topps set from the '80s!

  2. I agree! I had a few of these floating around as a kid but not enough to make a dent .It was mostly 88 ,89,90.