Friday, February 19, 2016

Singles Only

I've been wanting to add a Matt Duffy RC to my collection for while now.It's just that recently ,his card values have been a bit overblown on eBay so I had to hold out until I could find one for a decent price.This one set me back about six bucks, $2.99/$2.99 shipping.The only way that I can rationalize paying 3 bucks to have one baseball card shipped is If the card Is well packaged with a decent looking toploader,and such was the case with this vendor.I know a couple of strips of tape and two pieces of cardboard aren't costly on their own but It adds up and sellers have to re-up on that sort of stuff all the time,so no harm no foul. You'll notice that the card Is serial numbered to 599 ( part of a hobby exclusive Panini release).A plus ,but not a deal maker for me.I'm not serial number chaser downer kind of collector,although I can appreciate them.In this instance,the serial numbered card happened to be the less expensive of  the few Duffy rookie cards I had to choose from.Including the infamous 2013 Perrenial Prizm card that has him on the front  with another Matt Duffy's statistical Info.Kind of like the Juan Lebron/Carlos Beltran mix up In  95.Here's a link to Prizm's  Duffy Dilemma In a 2015 Beckett article

As for Duffy?He seemed to be a solid little player last year ,coming In second to the legendary Kris Bryant in ROY voting.I can't predict what kind of player he'll turn out to be moving forward,but It'll be fun keeping tabs on him this season.  


  1. That's a nice looking card, although it's funny how he looks armless on the back... Duffy de Milo.

  2. Ha!I guess It's better than just a head shot,which would have rendered him completely body less :(