Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bargain Bin Border liners - Bernie Williams

I don't know If Williams can even be considered a borderline HOFer. He's definitely a borderline,borderline HOFer,If that makes any sense.Williams was about 700 hits shy of 3,000 before retiring In 2006. Lets look at the numbers - Career OBP .381/ AVG .297 ,HR 287 , RBI 1,257 , 449 Doubles,1,366 Runs, and a total of 2,336 Hits.  If we're talking about consistency,Bernie was the shining example.Over a 16 year career Williams 162 game average looks something like this-  AVG .297,OBP .381,HR 22 , RBI 98, 35 Doubles ,107 Runs, 182 Hits. Another attractive footnote Is the fact that he did all this while playing out his entire career with one team,the New York Yankees.Now I know there's no written rule that says you have to be a  good guy to be Hall worthy ,but lets face It, few were better than Bernie In that department. The guy played out season after season with a smile on his face ,delivering big hit after big hit. The one knock Is that while clutch In the playoffs,his numbers dipped In World Series play.Still,when averaged  out ,his postseason numbers look like this-  AVG .275 , OBP .371 , HR 22 , RBI 80 , 29 Doubles  with 128 Hits . Throw In  5 time All Star , 4 Gold Gloves  and a Silver Slugger award,and at the very least an argument has to be made.Even with the solid resume ,Williams rookie cards can be had for a little under 2 bucks a piece.Of course, most guys who debuted in 89 and 90 suffer from card overproduction.I say  overproduction - shmoverproduction, this guy Is a stud , and If you can get away with paying under 5 bucks for a plethora of Bernie Williams rookie cards  ,like I did recently,then I suggest you pull that trigger.

The seller was nice enough to add this Williams non rookie to the bunch!


  1. Bernie was really good, but not a Hall of Famer. He is more in the mold of guys like Dale Murphy and Fred Lynn.