Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Singles Only

It's a good time to be a  card collector,especially If your a Mets fan.With the deep ,young pitching staff and up n' comers like Conforto,Matt Reynolds and Dominic Smith on the horizon ,things are looking up for fans and collectors alike.I've been fixated on Dominic Smith as of late. Alot of his debut base cards and even some of his auto's  can be had for a song.I'm not big on autographed cards,mainly because of their price point,but Smith's are fairly obtainable.I haven't gone after any of his signed stuff ....yet.I'm still trying to figure out who he reminds me of in the box ,watching clips of him batting on Youtube. I'm thinking Bobby Abreu maybe?Then there's Syndi,a guy I'm hoping can equal and surpass his 2015 success.Love Syndergaard! Plus, I'm finally able to spell his  last name right without Google having to verify It.

Not since Dave Stewart can I remember a more intimidating stare from a starting pitcher.I love the attitude Noah brings to our pitching staff,and this card conveys that perfectly. MLB license or not,I like what Panini's doing.   

Another day,another Dominic!I sure hope we give this guy a shot at first base soon. Duda won't be here forever so Smith's debut could be imminent. 


  1. Dom hasn't shown much power (yet) but he's nonetheless been a good sticker. And, I can't disagree with your love of Noah. He might be my favorite current Met.

  2. I can't wait to see what he can do next year.