Thursday, December 17, 2015

Singles Only

I've had these two Dom Smith cards stashed ,waiting for a third to arrive from ebay to post about all three.It's been almost a month and I still haven't received that third Smith card and I'm starting to doubt that It will ever get here.It's not like the card was super expensive or anything,but If the guy's having issues shipping or If he doesn't have the card In question,then some communication would be appreciated.nothing yet.Oh well.On with "The Dom".

I remember when Dominic got the phone call that landed him In a Mets uni,albeit a minor league uni.The Mets selected Smith In the first round of the 2013 draft ,11th overall.I remember how scrawny and small he looked.He didn't look very intimidating at all.Since then he's filled out and really looks like a major leaguer.I can't really put my finger on who he reminds me of.I want to say Eddie Murray from the left side.The kid can rake.He's yet to find the power stroke but so far,in the lower minors ,he's proved that he can put the bat on the ball,averaging .290 ,10 HR with a  .357 OBP over three seasons. He plays first too,which could bode well for us If  Duda decides to regress or  end up on another team.I highly doubt the Mets will include him in any deals because of the fact that we don't have many first basemen.I'm really hoping  this kid comes through.At 20 years old he's already been named 2015 Florida State League MVP and most recently  made the 2015 All Arizona Fall League team.Plus,Dom photographs very well!

I'm enjoying the Topps Pro Debut brand. I am now hip to the cards with the  "Pro Debut" foil logo on them ,indicating the players "true" professional debut. Furthermore,they are cheap!Much more affordable than the sexier ,more popular brands.        

This Is just a nice card of  The Dom!The pronounced leg kick  combined with the stylish elbow/shin pad and slightly visible tat on the right forearm are what do It for me on this card.

With the 2013 Bowman Draft  Dominic Smith still  MIA,this 2015  Syndergaard Topps Heritage '51 Collection RC  fills In nicely.


  1. I've been lagging way behind on this year's Heritage Minors. Tough to track down singles at shows lately. I like the Heritage '51s, as well. Lots of Mets in that set!

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  3. I agree with Jejak that your site is very helpful :)

    The 51s are cool. I still haven't added any.