Monday, August 17, 2015

Singles Only

I've been looking around and reading posts of other bloggers lately and realized that there are tons of trades being executed between them.Since jumping into the  sports card foray,I've only traded 3 times If my memory serves me correct.I'm looking forward to completing more but as of now things are gittin' a lil' tight around here,so when I do decide to get trading again (a month or two give or take),packages will be of the white mailing envelope variety.Not too stacked but decent enough.In fact I wouldn't even consider them trade packages. I'd like to think of them more as thank you gifts to those of you who take the time to comment and stop by every once and a while even If you decide just to read and not say much.If your on my blog roll ,then chances are I'll be contacting you some time down the road.Also that month window gives me time to accumulate and sort out potential give away fodder.With that out of the way,I'd like to move on to the "Singles Only" portion of  this blog.For new readers,these posts will feature new singles that have recently entered my card collection via E bay  as well as other card marketplaces around the net,but mostly E bay. Like i previously stated ,monetarily I'm In rough shape so as much as I would love to post a barrage of new singles, expect to see only about 2 to 4 pedestrian,lower profile RC's and/or  base cards of players I'm collecting.Today for instance,we have a 2011 Topps Lucas Duda RC (which is an awesome looking card btw) and a 2013 Bowman Platinum Noah "Thor" Syndergaard.

I've watched Duda since he first got his shot with the Mets a few years back.I believe he started out In
the outfield and eventually made his way to first when Ike Davis was given his walking papers.My dad and I used to bug out every time he came up to bat because of a few locks of hair that always protruded the air holes at the top of his batting helmet.We thought It was pretty funny and dubbed It Dudas trademark.My dad and I are two of the biggest critics you'll ever meet,but we're usually justified in our criticisms. Castillo got It bad from us later in his Met career.So did Maine,Parnell Gary Mathews,Jr.,Ike Davis..the list goes on. Duda ,however, never got the brunt of any of our wrath.We always said he would come around,and he has.Nothing off the charts ,but back to back 15 homerun seasons In '12,'13 and 30 homers last year aint too shabby. My hats off to Lucas for keeping a cool head while on this media blazoned NY Mets team.He's kept moving forward seemingly unscathed.I'm not sure how much longer Duda will remain a Met but I will say this -  "If he can make It there,he'll make It anywhere"   
I've been wanting a Noah Syndergaard First Year card for a while now but I hate the fact that most of them are In a Toronto jersey. This Isn't a first year card but he's still pretty much a  budding prospect here and hes donning the Mets logo so that's cool. Also ,he's "Thor",so. 


  1. Trading is the funnest part about blogging. You and I should trade soon.....

  2. Ive been putting some Bucs aside for you already in anticipation.