Thursday, August 27, 2015

Singles Only- Rant Edition

A couple more pick ups on the cheap.First we have a 2014 Bowman Draft Top Prospect Kris Bryant.When I stopped collecting back In '08-'09 ,I don't think Bowman Draft  had any  "Top Prospect " subsets back then.It was just Bowman Prospects , Bowman Draft or Bowman Draft Draft.It kind of drove me nuts back then,but once accustomed,It all made sense,I think.It would be selfish of me to say "I wish baseball card companies would just keep It simple and limit the amounts of inserts,subsets etc.",because so many collectors nowadays love that kind of stuff.But I said It,so I guess I'm selfish.


That's why I love the Topps flagship brand,which centers It's attention on  ..wait...Topps Pro Debut? Again,when I stopped collecting a few years back,there was Tristar and Razor If you wanted to get your Minors fix on.I loved  2007 Tristar Prospects Plus!Well apparently Topps  has taken the wheel from past minor league card companies  and In 2010,began releasing their own brand of MILB cards.I wish they  had there own ,distinct look,rather than just mimicking the flagship design.This Is Carlos Correa's third Pro Debut card ,his first being In 2013  ,which would make It his real "Pro Debut" card. If your a seasoned collector,then you know what your getting into when you pick up any of these Pro Debut cards.Beginners or kids may be fooled into thinking that these are the players official "Pro Debut" cards upon looking above the number on the backs ,which read "Pro Debut".Maybe Topps should rename their MILB product and only use the Pro Debut logo accordingly.It's kind of like what Upper Deck did with their "Future Stars" line that contained mostly established players,and hardly any rookies.It's pretty sneaky and low down If you ask me.



  1. I haven't messed too much with Pro Debut other than a couple random eBay pickups. I've opened a box of Heritage Minors and enjoyed it.

  2. I used to love the weathered look of the Heritage stuff but now not so much.