Sunday, August 9, 2015

Quiet Time

I forgot how relaxing a little quiet time with your baseball cards could be.Years ago I wouldn't be caught dead at home on a Saturday night.These days I prefer  to chill  and ease my mind In a more introverted manner.Rummaging through my slabbed cards ,I came to a conclusion.Some of these cards just weren't top loader worthy anymore.The good thing Is I was able to free up a ton of top loaders while at the same time,re-appreciate the greatness of  baseball cards!Bowman '06 had some of the greatest looking chrome cards.Take this Humberto Sanchez.This guy went from being the shizz to fizz as things never panned out for him on the Major League level.It doesn't take away from the beauty of this 06 Bowman Refractor. Reading some of  Nick's Dime Box posts has helped me look at and appreciate my cards more for their individual qualities and not so much in terms of  their value.

Here's another guy who will go from top loader fame to commons box shame, Koby Clemens.And really ,I shouldn't shame this card at all as It still gets some  brownie points on the strength of  his last name.

All in all It was a pretty successful Saturday night as I was able to integrate and alphabetize my RC's and star players as well as free up some much needed top loaders.

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