Monday, August 3, 2015

Singles Only

Dee Gordon Is a player I've had my eye on since he first came up with the Dodgers. I remember thinking "Wow,this dudes pretty damn fast!But If he gets hit with a pitch he might shatter right there at home plate!"  He was extremely skinny!And he reminded me so much of guys like Willie McGee and Otis Nixon.That's what I liked about him.In a game where pitching and hitting remains at the forefront,the stolen base had gone the way of the T-Rex.Yeah there were guys like Trout who had both power and speed and could steal you double digit bases (49 in '11),but players like Gordon and Hamilton are on that field for one reason,and that's to get on base and steal bases.Lots of them.Gordon has yet to break the 70 mark but I wouldn't put It past him achieving that this year If he can stay healthy. He's also hitting the cover off the ball,hitting .330 so far this season.Will we ever see another 100 SB guy? I won't be surprised If  both he and Gordon do It at least once before their careers over. 

Ha!Dee Gordon's fast,but not fast enough to elude He-Man's powerful ability to photobomb! 

Here's a cropped  Gordon Minor League card.It's labeled Brandt,and I'm thinking this came from one of those team packs  you buy at the home teams gift shop.

While not his "first card" It's still a decent looking 2011 Bowman Chrome RC.I would have rather had his Topps RC.

I'm loving shot of Dee making the throw while avoiding the  hook sliding Topps Rookie Cup.    


  1. Billy Hamilton needs to follow in Dee Gordon's footsteps. Dee realized that he was so fast that all he needs to do is put the ball in play. Billy still pulls the ball too much and is a shitty bunter for as fast as he is.

  2. Gordon laid down a great bunt against the Mets yesterday.Murphy threw him out ,but it was close.Id like to catch more Hamilton games,though.