Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2007 Topps Updates/Highlights

Remember when Joba Chamberlain was the shizz?And Cameron Maybin was going to be the next Dave Winfield?Wasn't too long ago that the baseball world was high on these guys ,along with other emerging prospects like Alex Gordon,Carlos Gomez,etc.There was a time where the only place you could find a Topps Traded or a Donruss Rookies set was at your local hobby shop.Back in the day,If you wanted that true , pre-rookie card of your favorite star,you were going to have to hitch a ride to your nearest baseball card hobby shop to see If your dealer would brake up a set for you or buy It sealed.Today,while not the best place to  covet that  first year card of your favorite player (Bowman has that market cornered)) , you can find Topps Updated sets and even packs In places like Wal Mart and Target.  Years back,I  decided to take advantage of the uncustomary availability ,picking up  a  set of  2007 Topps Updates/Highlights on the strength  of the Maybin and Chamberlain "rookie" cards.


  1. Buying a hobby box of 2007 Update started a streak for me. I bought a box of Update every year up until 2013 after that. I still remember getting excited over pulling that Joba rookie back in '07.

  2. He was great for baseball,when performing that is.I love hard nosed, "full of emotion" pitchers like Joba.