Friday, May 10, 2019

Captain Caveman

I've already come to grips with the strong possibility of  another failed Mets season. Syndergaard Is one poor outing away from being placed on the IL. Matz and Vargas have been decommissioned leaving  Degrom,Wheeler and whatever minor league pitcher gets called up to fend for themselves.Someone forgot to tell Mets newly appointed GM Van Wagenen that he was getting 60 year old Cano and not 23 year old Cano and Mickey  Callaway is one losing streak away from being told to go thataway.Not all Is lost ,though.Young guns like Jeff McNeil and Peter Alonso have been a blast to watch.Speaking of "blasts".Have you gotten the chance to catch a Peter Alonso bomb?If not,ya should.Even If your not a Mets fan.I liken Alonso to a neanderthal swinging one of those giant Captain Caveman clubs.In fact,that should be his new nickname.

Jump ahead to the 1:00 mark to watch Captain Caveman's hitting display!

It's crazy how this Is Alonso's first year In the bigs and already he has  ,like, a gazillion cards !I figured why not start his PC  with this Bowman trio ,starting with his first year 2016 card followed by his 2017 and 2018 cards. 


  1. Alonso has been killing the ball! If he continues hitting like this throughout the season, I'll go and dig through my boxes of Bowman to see if I own any of his cards.

  2. I hope he continues to mash.