Friday, June 7, 2019

Arms Like Benito Santiago ,Check!

I remember looking at this 1988 Topps San Diego Padres Leaders card with my friends as a kid and being awestruck by the way Benito Santiago's veins popped out of his arms!I remember telling  my friends "When I get older,I'm gonna have arms just like that!Just like Benito Santiago!"

And so today ,while washing the dishes,I realized something!I have arms just like Benito Santiago!I know ,this looks more like an Anthony Wiener skin pic  but It's not.This Is my arm, I can assure you.
But ,yeah!Childhood wish fulfilled!Unfortunately,I do not own this card.I had to snatch this image  up off Google for this post.Which reminds me,I need more 1988 Topps baseball In my life.Especially this card. 


  1. Miss the days of pulling Santiago Padres cards out of packs.

  2. At the time ,San Diego had a problem lots of teams would have loved to have.Two stud catchers,one All Star vet and an up and coming All Star Rookie.