Saturday, December 17, 2016

Donruss Football 50 Card Box

Nope,no Ezekial or Dak yet :(  In fact,these 50 card boxes are light on rookies and heavy on inserts .I did manage to pull a Rookie Phenom Jersey card but nobody special.

I really love this Marino!So true to the 87 Donruss cards of way back,they even botched the centering!Jokes aside ,this really Is a great card.Probably my favorite out of the box.

Marisa Miller Is a Victoria's Secret model/actress/fan of the game (apparently). I'm not a huge fan of non athletes adorning sports related cardboard but I kind of like these cards.They have gold foil border that looks better In hand than in this pic. 

Kevin Hogan got a little playing time a few weeks back for the ailing Cleveland Browns and led the team   In rushing with 104 yards.That's pretty much the highlight of his 2016 season.He projects to be a great back up with starter potential down the road.  

I think there are 200 Rated Rookies In this set so my chances of pulling ones I want will be slim with these 50 card boxes.They yield only two Rated Rookies  and a couple of base rookies ,that's It.The 16 card packs have three Rated Rookies  each plus some base Rookies.I'm sticking to those. 


  1. Marisa Miller should be in every card set. ... Just my personal opinion.

  2. After a quick google image search,agreed!

  3. /checks google too......yeah she is ok :)

    I love Donruss football. This would be an interesting design for baseball even without the license.

  4. Yes it would!It would certainly be a brave attempt at re imaging one of the ugliest designs ever.It works with football.