Wednesday, November 30, 2016

FY & RC - (B)

This crop of  FY/RC's  Isn't the best,but Isn't too shabby either. Beltran,Biggio and Boggs highlight this batch along with notable mentions Bonds,Bryant and Bumgarner. 

Maybe this guy has a bounce back left in em'.

Thanks to Beltran,Juan Lebron's rc Is a pretty popular one .I love this Fleer Tradtition  card with the  simple words "Rookie"   written In foil across a foil baseball overhead his name ,which Is also In foil inside of a top loader with the words "ROOKIE CARD" written in foil across the top.Funny thing Is,I'm not  even sure  this Is  his  true Fleer Tradition rookie card. If It Is,then the foil does not fib.  

Remember the Kyle Blanks craze?This guy's Tony Clark tall,maybe even taller and weighs 265!He could still make some noise with some playing time. 

Michael Burgess was going to be the next big thing In baseball.Flashing prodigious power In high school but none at the big league level.

Madison Bumgarner beat us In 2016 ,In a one game wild card playoff.  

Billy Butler's first and last name start with the letter B. 

And here's everything you need to know about 


  1. I think that Kris Bryant kid might have some potential.

  2. Bryant is a fun player to watch.Freaks of nature usually are.Covers the plate like It's nobody's business.Amazing talent!