Saturday, November 26, 2016

Collecting Football Cards Again,Thanks to Dallas!

I hadn't been watching much football,up until a couple of weeks ago when I got my first glance at the new look Dallas Cowboys.Dak Prescott and Ezekial Elliott are beasts!I've gotten the warm fuzzies the last two games I've watched them play .I haven't gotten those warm fuzzies since Emmitt and Aikman.Dak and Ezekial have me watching again.Yeah my Bills have been semi-entertaining this year and things are looking up with Watkins and McCoy coming back this Sunday.But man,when was the last time you saw two rookies jettison a team into first place the way Prescott and Elliott have.It's pretty damn impressive.Impressive enough to make me want to buy football cards again!I really want those Elliott and Prescott Rated Rookie cards  and last night was my first attempt at It.I picked up three value packs but failed to pull any Elliot's or Prescott's.The hunt  begins!

Remember when I poked fun at this card design?Saying how we should be glad that Topps card designs weren't nearly as bad as 1990 Donruss baseball?

Seems like Donruss got offended and released a similar design for their 2016 NFL product,only this time with a little flair!

The base cards are much like that of  90's Donruss design with the confetti like specks ,only now they pretty much surround the entire card.The card borders reflect the team colors and the foil used for the players position and team affiliation really make the cards pop.Like most cards today,they have that glossy finish and also smell great out of the wrapper :)

Base rc's look the same only with the rc logo. 

I'm not sure what's so different about the Press Proof cards besides the fact that they scream Press Proof across the bottom of the card.I don't see any serial numbers or  print run on them.

These are my favorite. Donruss decided to go with the 87 styled borders  for their Rated Rookie's only this time you get footballs instead of baseballs on the left and right hand sides of the card. Also,It seems all RR's in this set have  the same ,silver/gray border.I think they look pretty awesome.

Again,these are identical to the RR's above only with Press Proof written across the bottom.

I'm not big on baseball card inserts that feature anything but a baseball player on them,but I can get behind this.This Is football so I'm not gonna get a card of some scrawny 90 year old lady throwing out a first pitch.The borders are gold foil .   

I always like the way Panini sneaks veteran stars and hall of flamers onto their base card design.It seems like 1992 again when you pull a Barry Sanders card that doesn't give any telltale signs of It being a commemorative card.  

Yeah,I'll continue to pick up 16 Donruss  on the strength of the Elliott and Prescott rookie cards .But something tells me I'll be more than happy with the collateral damage . 



  1. Nice-looking set. This set does what I wish every set did: big fat borders that change with the team's colors.

  2. I'm not a football guy but that is such a nice looking set. If I was a football guy I'd probably spring for a hobby box I like it so much.

    1. They're a nice change of pace and fun to open.