Friday, March 18, 2016

Singles Only

Here are my latest pick ups.A couple of Conforto's and a Jacob DeGrom,all from the 2016 Donruss release.I don't mind the Donruss Panini product.In fact I like It.Their inserts are fun ,baseball player related and won't feature Bud Seligs pet hamster  or some old lady throwing  a 2 mile per hour first pitch a la Topps flagship.It's heart warming and all but I think there's a place for cards like that,and that place Isn't In my  collection.I'll be going over some more Panini Donruss 2016  once I get the must haves from the set ( mostly Mets and some pc guys)out of the way. 

I'm glad Panini decided to stay with the same Rated Rookie logo and not try and switch up the font on It.Same for The Rookies logo.I love that old school touch on cards of new school players! I'm still not 100% sold on Conforto but I know the kid's got talent.I can't wait to see the kind of numbers he puts up given a whole year to show what he can do.He kind of gives off the same vibes Jefferies did when he first came into the league and onto the Mets In '88 -' 89. 

These homage to '82 Donruss inserts aren't horrible but could have been perfect had they shrunken the Donruss logo and '16 on the right hand corner.I love this card mostly because It shows DeGrom batting. A combined 23 -14 over his first two Major League seasons ,DeGrom looks to improve on that In 2016.


  1. Love all of these, Tone! All on my 'want' list for sure. The '88 "Rookie" Conforto might be my favorite of them all.

  2. Its my fav as well,Mark.It would have been cool If they full on covered the borders with the 88 design but I still like the card alot. I like what Panini Is doing and think they are headed In the right direction.For a company with no MLB license,they are doing their dam-nest to put out some decent looking cards.I hate when people criticize the crap out of them and then go out and buy two or three packs of It.Don't get It.