Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Really Do Like Topps 2016,Or Am I A Glutton...?

I am somewhat of a glutton for punishment.While I like 2016 Topps design this year ,I know my views will suffer because of It,but what are you gonna do?Oh,and sorry about all the profanity In my last post.I really lost It over that darned check engine light and while I've gotten It looked at again and remedied,I'm still skeptical.Let's give It another 60 miles and see what happens then.I will say that typing up that post really helped   me channel and purge some of that frustration.One of the upsides to blogging I guess.Plus hearing other peoples vehicular  horror stories made me feel not so alone anymore.So thanks guys ;) All right,on to the subject matter. I've since picked up a couple of 2016 Topps rack packs and pulled some o.k. cards.

I'm no super fan of Lawrie ,but I do like this card,though.For a minute there I thought I was looking at Jay Payton.

Pence Is becoming one of my all time favorites.I heard he also guest starred In the new
 "Fuller House "  series on Netflix.The kids watch It.O.k. so do I.

My man Altuve!

The big Calhoun-a was a beast last year.Good enough to earn the Topps trademark "Future Stars" header! 

I'm glad I pulled this Bird RC.I would have picked one up anyways on eBay had I failed to find one In a pack.I liked what I saw from him last year.It was cool to see he and Conforto go at It In the subway series. Unfortunately,Bird  injured himself during the off season,not sure how or what he did to himself,but I know he's sidelined for the season.That sucks cuz I really wanted to see what he was going to do this year.

These two need no introduction.I love Pujols but I have this real bad feeling that he'll be bitten with the PED bug.  

While the base design has received  lukewarm  reviews,the Perspectives inserts seem to be a hit.This Is a case for backgrounds not being blurred out.It's nice to see the obstacle In Howards way as he's inches away from making a great grab over the furled tarp! 

Ending this post off on a "good-en" note,"doctors" orders...


  1. I like 2016 Topps, but I think I could like it more. It's a cool design, but the photos are fiddled with overmuch. I know the smoke effect is there to act as a kind of pseudo-border for the photos, but I think something else may have worked better. I don't hate 2016 Topps.

  2. I actually like the smoky borders.They're kind of like bookends that accentuate the player/players depicted.For me Its a clean/newish look and keeps things in perspective.But that's just me though.

  3. 2016 Topps and I are on a break. :-)

    I've stepped away from it entirely in the hopes that I'll come back to it with more enthusiasm than I had before. I don't hate the set... I don't feel much of anything about it right now.

    ...and there's always Topps Opening Day in a couple of weeks. I haven't ruled out buying that instead.

  4. I think everybody wanted Stadium Club with this set.Topps embellished a bit on the corners with the smoke effect to remind us that this is not TSC.