Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Feeling A Little Bummed

 I know,they just no hit us last night.But Madison Bumgarner wasn't the culprit so I don't feel bad about posting this.There's no taking away from Mad Bum's awesomeness,on the mound or with the bat.It seems like this kid should have 100 plus wins already.In '07 I went nuts for Bowman,snagging up pack after pack thinking I'd land that "Pujols - like" prospect In the process.I didn't. I did however manage to pull first cards of  nice stars like Heyward, Moustakas and David Price.The Futures Game Prospects was also a nice set that consisted of guys like Longoria, Kershaw, Ellsburry , Votto,Bruce,Upton etc.(Horrible segue In 5..4..3..2..)I'm a little bummed for not posting as much as I've been wanting to here at "the Pub" ,so what better player to get the ball rolling again than with the Mad Bum himself!


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