Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Kind Of Miss Manny..

Anybody else feel the same?I understand what he did,and at this point the only difference between him and 65% of the league Is that he got caught.I get that.He did wrong in the eyes of  baseball supremacy.Still, that doesn't negate the fun and  downright goofiness Manny brought to the game.The bathroom breaks,the infamous cut off, and the genuine fun Ramirez had while playing the game.It's funny because MLB will ostracize him to a certain extent,yet use his quirky clips In blooper reels to  draw laughs and enjoyment.In other words,get views.The guy was a a highlight reel waiting to happen,whether with the bat or his trademark antics.I'm not sure what growth hormone or testosterone builder Ramirez was caught using,but I'm sure It wasn't as strong as some of the stuff other guys used In the past.It didn't turn him into a dick and you never heard stories of Manny punching any cameramen.If Manny was guilty of anything,It was of  "..being Manny",and I kind of miss that  :(


  1. I enjoyed watching Manny play. He was just an odd guy. Baseball fans sometimes like to turn into the morality police. You just have to take the era for what it was. He will ultimately be punished by not getting into the Hall of Fame, but knowing Manny he probably doesn't care.

    1. I guess that would be the harshest punishment,a Hall Of Fame omission.

  2. Replies
    1. I'd like to find some of his Tampa Bay and Oakland A's cards If they even exist.