Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sorry About The Lack Of Posts...

Between spring cleaning,yard work,daughters little league softball, middle school track meets  and high school softball games ,I've had little time to sit at my PC and blog about anything hobby related.I've also got two  action figure blogs that are feeling the subsequent lack of attention as well.Now that I've got a few minutes of free time,I thought I'd show a little love to 1987 Donruss.I bought a box on the cheap years ago In hopes of pulling a Bo Jackson but to no avail.I did ,however,get some decent Rated Rookies and base star cards.Below are a few of my favs !


  1. Tough to go wrong with those great black borders!

  2. While its been pointed out a million times before,this is a great design.The centering wasnt all that great,though.

  3. Welcome back! This time of year is always busy.