Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2015 Donruss

 I love It when I drop a couple bucks on a pack of cards that yields cards of players that I actually want!Such has been the case with these '15 Donruss  "30 card"  packs at Wal Mart.I really,really love what Donruss has done the last couple of years,more so this year.I've picked up three of these rack packs and not one double yet!I haven't felt this way about a card product since 2006 Topps Turkey Red.The addition of team logos would put this line over the top in my opinion.The base cards are super glossy and bright showcasing each player in their new digs for 2015.No boring head shots either,just action shots after action shots.I was never a big fan of inserts and maybe Topps has alot to do with that.They kind of over do It with inserts showcasing  events and first pitches.That kind of thing never really appealed to me. Donruss's inserts seem more like a whole different product (quality product),so it keeps things fresh.I want more!

SCORE!Altuve Is a little beast!

I'm not a big Rollins fan,but It Is cool to see him in Dodger blue.

D Wright!

The green on this card pops!To me Rickey will always be an A

My first Kris Bryant!

I love the revival of "The Rookies"  and the fact that the logo hasn't changed. 


Love the looks of  the Diamond Kings this year.Very classy!

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