Monday, January 21, 2019

My Mets Binder 80's

     The following are the contents of my  Mets binder featuring   prominent players from each decade , starting with 1986!                                                    
        I'd like to add more   Hernandez,Carter, Gooden and Strawberry cards at some point. For now ,this is all I have.There may be a couple of 90's cards of players who's careers with the Mets spanned the 80's and 90's.I included rookie cards of some players ,even If  they started their careers with a different team.Enjoy!    


  1. I was never a Mets fan... but I sure loved Darling and Gooden. Good times.

  2. I always wanted a Oakland ,NY World Series.The closest It ever came to that was Gooden pitching to Canseco in the All Star game.