Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Buying Cards You Already Have

I just bought 2 cards on eBay. 1988 Donruss and Fleer cards of Gregg Jefferies. The purchase set me back a whopping $2.18 , tax included. The problem is, I might already have both of those cards in my collection. I wasn't completely sure, though, and  was too lazy to look through my collection to see If I did, indeed, already have them. Oh well. Worst case  I'll now have doubles of a couple of cards that I hold In high esteem. 


  1. I buy duplicates all of the time. Sometimes on accident... and sometimes on purpose. If you hold the cards in high esteem... then it's all good.

  2. I never got into buying duplicates of cards. Only once did I get a slight itch to fill up a binder with 88 Topps Cansecos. I might still get around to doing it.

  3. As a Mets fan, I remember all the hype around Jefferies. He never really did live up to the huge hype, but he did put up some solid numbers for the Mets before he left for KC in 1992. I still collect his NY cards.